#FlipMyFunnel #ABM Innovators: Q&A with Sidra Berman, VP Marketing at Savi


Although the concept of direct, targeted account marketing is not new, a disciplined and coordinated focus on account-based marketing (ABM) across the B2B marketing industry has come on like gangbusters over the past 12 months. Numerous service and software providers have joined the movement and are providing much-needed tools to enable more precise, focused and multi-channel engagement with specific Named Account targets.

For enterprise marketers, the Terminus #FlipMyFunnel event will be a must-attend. (Heinz Marketing is a proud sponsor of the FlipMyFunnel Road Show)

Along with Terminus, we’ve been highlighting several B2B marketers at the forefront of account-based marketing in 2016. So far we have featured Julia Stead, director of demand generation at Invoca, Christopher Engman, founder of Vendemore, Adam New-Waterson, CMO of LeanData, and Tyler Lessard, CMO for Vidyard.

This week we’re excited to feature Sidra Berman, Vice President of Marketing for Savi.  Sidra will be a featured speaker at the #FlipMyFunnel event in San Francisco.

How and when should an organization begin leveraging ABM practices?
We use ABM any time sales reps are assigned to accounts.

How you or your customer done enterprise or Named Account marketing previously, and how does your ABM methodology change that?
Savi is a logistics solutions provider to about 800 organizations like the US Army and Procter and Gamble. We’ve used ABM for while, but we have recently improved our methodology in four major ways:

  1. Added SDRs to our outbound campaigns. They follow up on marketing generated contacts and targeted contact lists
  2. Created dynamic web campaigns to dynamically serve account-specific messaging and CTAs to increase engagement 250% and web conversions by 50%
  3. Launched account-specific content hubs that sales reps can customize for their accounts to track account interest
  4. Enhanced our account activity reporting for known contacts with unknown visitors that our sales SVP says is “awesome”

What are your best practices for integrating ABM efforts with your sales team’s enterprise sales strategy?
We work very closely with sales. Sales helps us identify pain points so we can develop a compelling value prop and select target accounts. Together, our messaging is in sync across both sales and marketing communications. For each named account campaign, we personalize content, email campaigns, and now the web.

On savi.com, the home page, CTAs and resource center are dynamically customized by target account lists. For example, our newest campaign, ETA as a service, targets 150 accounts. For these target accounts, web messaging is “control the supply chain to increase ROI” with a CTA of start a pilot. But, for government customers, web messaging is “where are your weapons” with a contact us CTA. Customized web messaging is reinforced with account-based content hub templates that sales reps can further customize for each of their accounts.

What are some of the primary tools that have helped you or your customer implement and execute ABM?
We use Marketo for email campaigns and Triblio for dynamic web campaigns. Zoominfo is our primary list source.

What is your primary metrics for ABM progress and success?
For marketing we track engagement across, contact/lead growth in target accounts, and qualified sales opps. For sales, the typical sales funnel KPIs.

What is one thing you want to share that people should expect to learn at the #flipmyfunnel conference?
It’s not lead gen or account based marketing. It’s both, and the mix depends on your customer target. At Savi, even though we are focused on account based marketing, I’ve adapted my experience in lead gen tactics to work successfully for ABM.

Don’t miss Sidra and hundreds of ABM professionals at the #FlipMyFunnel event!

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