Focus and measure


When your selling environment is difficult and you’re not hitting your numbers, you’re trying everything possible to break through. Is it messaging? A new offer? A stronger value proposition? Different customer segment?

All good questions, but don’t forget to focus and measure. The slippery slope right now is to try a lot of things quickly in a zeal to quickly find something, anything that gets revenue back in the right direction. But if you come across something that works, and 1) haven’t isolated it, and 2) haven’t measured it, you’ll have a hard time scaling it.

What’s more, as hard as it may feel initially, it’s more important now than ever to focus on less, not more. Spend a few minutes up front reading your market, talking to your customers, and deciding which of those great sales & marketing ideas are worth testing first. Focus on testing them well, quickly, with more of your resources focused on fewer, not more, tests. This will help ensure you’re accurately vetting and reading whether that test works…or not.

Believe me, you’ll find the path to revenue acceleration faster this way.