Why you should focus on “need generation” in 2015


The tactics and channels may remain the same, but there’s a big difference between what most people think of as lead generation, and what really amounts to “need generation” for market-leading B2B companies.

Lead generation too often just means acquiring a list. Or getting people to attend a webinar. Clearly, just because someone downloads your white paper or stops by your booth for 10 seconds doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy.

The best B2B marketers working today generate leads too, but they’re really generating need.

They’re driving inherent, urgent interest from their prospects.  They’re challenging the prospect’s status quo, motivating them to want to learn or hear more.

Your best prospects, at least in the early stages of their buying journey, don’t necessarily need you.  But they do crave something new.  Something better.

They need results.  They need to change.  They need to know how you’ll help them get there.

Your sales team needs leads.  You need to close more deals before the end of the month or quarter.

But this “need generation” is all about the customer.  If you can get them needing more, craving more, and coming to you for that information, you’re in the best possible position to win.