How to get MQLs to PAY to speak with your sales reps


This past weekend the local Rainbow Play Systems affiliate told local parents to bring their kids down to play with anything in the showroom – which amounted to about eight premium, enormous outdoor playsets our kids went crazy for.

The charged us six dollars per kid for the privilege.

So, for the record, I just paid Rainbow Play Systems $18 bucks to become a qualified lead.  They have my name and contact information.  They know I’m willing to pay six bucks per kid for the same experience they could basically have at the FREE public park down the road, so they’re also pre-qualifying me as a potential buyer of their premium playsets.

Not to mention, of course, that our kids have now fallen in love with their playsets and won’t stop talking about them.

Think this opportunity is unique to Rainbow?  Think again.

How could you recreate this for your business, your brand, your products? How do you get qualified prospects to not only proactively engage with you, but pay for the privilege and like it?

Get creative. The answer isn’t as far away as you might think.