Give and take


There are two types of managers – those who give, and those who take.

Many managers, unfortunately, focus on themselves. They extract from others what’s necessary to make themselves look good. Their management styles, both with their teams and in prioritizing corporate strategy, are focused on what’s best for them – not necessarily what’s best for the company or their team members.

These managers take far more than they give, and although many may appear successful, their impact on your organization can be dangerous.

The best managers know that their job is to serve. Their job is to make those around them better, more efficient, more focused, and more successful. They know that their own success will ultimately be measured by the success and progress of those around them, and they make investments accordingly.

What kind of manager are you? Are you a giver or taker?

Both paths can make you successful and wealthy. But only one will do the same for your organization, and your employees.