Give yourself permission


Three day weekend ahead.  Memorial Day Weekend in the States is one of three near-universally scheduled long weekends each year (Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving).

It’s one of just three long weekends that everybody has together.

Like most weekends, you could sneak in some work, check your email when things get slow between barbecues, use some of the extended down time to catch up.

Or you could give yourself permission to shut down.  Take three whole days with your family, your friends, your hobbies.

Or take the time to do nothing at all.  Sleep in, take naps, watch TV, get a sunburn, take more naps.

The work will be there on Tuesday.  The stress and to-do lists and objectives aren’t going anywhere.

But the value of three days off?  Actually off?

That opportunity comes just three times a year.

Thank you to the veterans and those we’ve lost who let us sleep in and get sunburnt in a free country.

See you Tuesday.