Motivational best practices for B2B sales organizations


I enjoyed the last two days at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, which as always featured a strong mix of speakers, networking, new ideas and tons of notes.

Among several good presentations was 30 minutes on creating a “victory plan” for sales by John Turner, senior vice president of sales at TriNet.

Among several specific ideas & best practices shared (that they actively use in their sales organization) include:

  • “How To Get An A” goal-setting worksheet: It’s a one-page outline of the key metrics that make sales reps @ TriNet successful.  more than just hitting their quota (115% of quota, to be exact in their worksheet) the document also includes goals for size of pipeline, amount of vacation taken (it’s 100%), partners engaged and much more.  I love that it’s so well rounded and about more than just the final number
  • Reward & incentive program outline mailed to their homes: TriNet actively gets the families and significant others of their sales reps engaged in their success, not just because it leads to greater financial outcomes but also because it could lead towards Presidents Club status and a fun trip (for two!) to the beach
  • Personal and professional goals:  Each rep is encouraged to document five professional goals (in addition to hitting their number) as well as five personal goals.  These ten goals become part of the regular rhythm of reviews between reps and their managers.  Love this focus on total improvement.
  • Braveheart: This is TriNet’s leadership development program, giving their sales professionals a clear path from rep to manage to vice president.  Awesome for retention, morale and engagement.

None of these programs, by the way, are exclusive to enterprise or publicly-traded companies.  They can all be executed in different formats by teams of three as well as 300.