Great buzz for 24-Hour Fitness


It’s a beautiful day in Kirkland, and I’m driving around town this morning running errands. Then, like thousands of other drivers today, I had a positive, buzz-worthy experience with 24-Hour Fitness. And it cost them nothing.

At a busy downtown intersection, two stationary exercise bikes were sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk, with two young women in sunglasses getting in a workout. They were smiling and waving to cars as they passed by.

How easy was that? Take two of your stationary bikes, put them outside, and invite guests to workout and sunbathe at the same time, while also driving awareness and buzz for the gym.

It’s hard to measure back how this stunt will drive incremental memberships for 24-Hour Fitness, but that almost doesn’t matter. It’s a completely risk-free, win-win for the gym, passers-by, and the participants sunning themselves while cycling in place. Brilliant.

Great job, guys.