Hand-written notes stand out


Most of what we receive these days – at work and at home – is type-written.

When we receive a hand-written note, it stands out. Why? Because it rarely happens anymore.

But rarity breeds opportunity.

What if you made an effort to send just 1-2 hand-written notes each week. It could be a thank-you to a recent client, a congratulatory note to a colleague or peer, or even just a “great job” note to a speaker you recently heard.

Add a business card to the note if you want, but at a minimum make sure your name and “from” address are on the envelope, so that it’s clear (despite your penmanship) where the card is coming from.

I guarantee you’ll be amazed by the response.

I’m starting this week in Las Vegas, at an interactive marketing conference sponsored by ePrize.com. When I arrived last night, the front desk clerk told me I had a “letter” waiting for me.

When I opened the envelope, it was a hand-written “thank you for attending” card from the ePrize Vice President of Business Development.

How many times have you received a hand-written note from the vice president of any company?

Kudos to ePrize for adding the personal touch, and starting the conference off right.

This small effort made a big impression.