Help your prospects sell, so more of them can buy


Your prospective customers likely aren’t making a purchase decision alone. How are you helping make a case to other influencers or approvers who need to give your purchase a thumbs up? What tools are you providing your direct buyer to make that case?

Selling Power puts on a highly successful series of live and online events, including an upcoming event in June in Boston. It’s a one day conference with a decent price tag. But check out the “Justify your trip” link on the left of the page, which opens a pre-written letter addressed to your manager explaining why attendance is important.

Even if buyers don’t use this letter word-for-word, it gives them plenty of talking points (not to mention confidence) to help Selling Power make the sale.

How are you helping your prospects buy? How are you helping them sell the purchase to their manager or other approvers within the company?