How can we mobilize for our product launch?


By Rebecca Smith, Heinz Marketing InternBoxes ticked are Research Strategy Concept Branding Marketing

Clearly, from reading the title, you know that this is all about product launching. Sounds like it could be pretty boring right? No, you’re wrong. If done correctly, it is a very busy, yet rewarding process. Think of it this way:

I want you to visualize your final product or service offering. Now, what do you see?

Maybe you see yourself loving and admiring this great product or solution you made. Maybe you see customers waiting in line to buy the product on launch day. Maybe you see businesses purchasing mass amounts to start utilizing in the office. Maybe you aren’t even launching a product, and you’re just reading this for fun…

Regardless of what you see, I bet it put a smile across your face.

Now take another step back and think about how you are going to get this product into the hands of others so they can enjoy it just as much as you do. Regardless of whether or not your organization has a SaaS-offering, packaged product, or even a comprehensive suite of services, the fundamentals for a launch are similar.  Here is where our A Practical Guide to Product Launch Programs for the SaaS Business will seriously come in handy, written by our very own Brian Hansford.

If you have never been through this process before, there are a lot more steps than you would imagine. Even if you have been through this before, it never hurts to take a look at a guide one more time to refresh your memory or see some different ideas. Launching a product takes exceptional preparation, organization and a well thought-out plan to even begin the first step. (Of course, it also takes the spectacular product that you’ve imagined and created.)

Without giving too much away from this great guide, this resource dives into eight strategies and tactics that you will need to succeed. From organizing beta testing, to strategizing your messaging platform, to creating social media content, it’s all here! You want help creating a budget? You got it! How about implementing a post-launch strategy, does it have that? Of course it does!

While this guide can seem boring from the outside, the inside is a vast resource to help you meet your business goals.


Download our product launch guide here: