How marketers can pay it forward


Could you do one of these a week?

  • Amplify events, webinars and other programs from complimentary companies, products or marketers through your social & content channels
  • Like, favorite and/or comment on the blogs of your peers and their companies
  • Take a sales call (to get surprised, and/or to learn what to do or NOT to do)
  • Take a survey when you get the email invite
  • Take calls or coffees with junior marketers, interns or college students
  • Offer to speak at local business schools, high school DECA clubs, etc.
  • Proactively share your best (and worst) practices with a peer group
  • Share good candidates that you can’t hire (but someone else should)
  • Share examples of your executive and/or marketing departmental-level reports & dashboards as inspiration/templates for others
  • Share your templates (creative briefs, production checklists, etc.) with peers

Imagine if we all gave just a couple minutes a week to give back.  I guarantee it would feel good, and I guarantee you would be the direct recipient of someone else’s generosity quickly & materially.