How to do #ABM: Four-plus hours of templates, best practices and more


Earlier this year we produced the first in our Modern Marketer’s Workshop series, a four-hour live and interactive workshop featuring the latest in content marketing best practices, proven frameworks, success stories and more. If you missed it, you can get the whole recorded workshop plus the full workbook, Excel templates and more here.

Next in our series is ABM. This isn’t going to be another “why ABM” lecture, nor will it be a set of pie-in-the-sky strategies with no connection to reality.

Over three days in April, and via an online interactive format, we’ll cover:

  • How to build consensus and momentum across departments for your ABM initiative internally
  • How to estimate and measure the sales pipeline and revenue impact of ABM, short-term and long-term
  • How to choose your target accounts, and map key personas within the internal buying committee
  • A phased approach to launch, optimization and expansion
  • Proven best practices for ensuring active participation and cooperation between sales and marketing
  • A variety of proven, performing “plays” to begin (or optimize) your ABM execution immediately
  • Technology and operational requirements to operate ABM optimally
  • Measurement and scorecard examples
  • Much more

Yes that is a lot to cover, but we’ll have plenty of time over three days and more than four hours.  And via the Adobe Connect platform, this workshop will be the next best thing to being together live – interaction, video, coffee breaks with some fun surprises, etc.

If you’re new to ABM, consider this your kick-start.  If you’re already executing ABM, I guarantee you’ll learn something new.

Hope to see you there!