How will you use August to get it done?


You have one month left until the end of summer.

One month left until Labor Day, when vacations are over and the business world gets busy again.

August is a funny month. In some countries, it’s a big holiday. In the States, we still use this month to squeeze in a final quick vacation, a long weekend or two, an early departure from the office on a nice day.

That’s all fine. But that also means you have one more month to get it done.

What is “it”? That project that’s been on your plate. The initiative that could accelerate your success and productivity into the autumn months. The project your intern could double-down and finish with your help.

If you don’t have an “it”, find one fast. Come September, come Labor Day, you won’t have time. Your vacationing colleagues will be back and will demand your attention. Their priorities and fire drills will again be yours.

But right now, you have time. Do it.