Instantly increase voicemail responses with this simple tip


voicemailTwo things, actually.

First, give your name and phone number FIRST. Literally, start your voicemail with something like “Hi John, this is Matt Heinz. Phone number 877-291-0006.”

The listener may not yet know why you’re calling, but if they’re listening to voicemails they’re probably taking notes and writing down phone numbers to calls back. If you leave your phone number first, they’re highly likely to write it down. And unless they write it down, they aren’t going to call you back.

Plus, people start taking fewer notes the longer into a voicemail they get. Starting with your number increases the chances it’ll get written down period.

Second, leave your email address at the end as an alternative. Some people simply avoid picking up the phone for a variety of reasons, but those people are more likely to respond via email if you give them that option.

Give it a shot, I bet you start getting more responses right away.