Is the silence over?



In mid-February, I left for a week of vacation knowing that I wouldn’t be blogging from Arizona and then Las Vegas, but fully assuming that the blog posts would continue in earnest upon my return.

Two months later, I find myself on a blistering one-post-per-month pace. On this blog, anyway.

Truth be told, I’ve still been blogging just not here. And not always as myself.

My energy recently has been focused on two blogs for HouseValues – one offering an inside look at the company, and another from our Director of Real Estate Training evangelizing a business-building philosophy for real estate agents.

Actively maintaining three blogs, while keeping my day job and offline family responsibilities, has thus far proven a challenge. But for the past several months (pre February, anyway) I’ve found this blog to be an outlet for exploring and sharing ideas. Even if no one was listening, it was and continues to be worth the time to explore these ideas in written format.

So I’d expect posts to accelerate from their current once-per-month pace. But you’ll also see me on @HouseValues in the meantime.