Is your business ready for the holidays?


I hope you’re working on your end-of-year holiday strategy right now.

Because your business likely falls into one of two categories. The holidays represent either a very busy time or a traditionally slow time. And you need to be proactively prepared for both.

If your business is busy during the holidays, you want to be prepared. You want to make sure the same customers come back again this year. You want to plan for, right now, the strategies and tactics you’re going to use to win new customers. And, with both groups, earn a larger share of wallet this holiday season.

If your business is traditionally slow during the holidays, this should be the year you buck that trend. How will you prepare? How can you fill your pipeline with prospective customers who can close during the holiday months? How can you take advantage of end-of-year budget surpluses to make it easier for prospects to buy?

It’s warm now, but it’ll be football season soon. Then fall. Then holidays. Get ready.