It’s never too late to start


It’s never too late to start doing something you think – or you know – can improve your business. Just because others are already doing it, doesn’t mean you won’t do it better, and with better results. Examples of this are everywhere – dominant industry players being significantly challenged by start-ups doing something a different way that connects with a growing critical mass of customers.

Last week, Madrona Venture Group – one of Seattle’s most prominent venture capital groups – started a blog. One could say they’re late to the blogging game, but they’re still among the first in the Seattle VC community to start blogging, and their content thus far is excellent. Even the local press are starting to take notice, and are congratulating Madrona for their leadership.

Years after blogs gained critical mass as a communciation tool, Madrona is quickly becoming a blogging leader in their community.

You can too. Not just with blogging, but any business, sales or marketing initiative you know can improve your business, but have been afraid to try because you either 1) don’t really know how, or 2) too many others are already doing it.

Start it. Experiment with it. See what works and expand on it.