Learning from other industries


A smart man once suggested that sales & marketing executives attend at least one trade show or conference each year in an industry far different from their own. The idea is that, although the industry and products are likely very different, some of the sales & marketing strategies they use are likely very leveragable in your own industry, and in your own business.

Now, justifying a trip to a totally unrelated conference might not fit into your budget this year, but that doesn’t excuse you from learning.

There are trade publications. Magazines. Industry association Web sites and newsletters. Blogs and podcasts.

Check out, for example, this restaurant marketing blog. It’s written by the Cohen Restaurant Marketing Group, a firm in the business of helping restaurants build their brand and grow their business.

But take a look at the lessons and insights this blog shares. Although they may be written and tailored to the restaurant and dining industry, most of them can be applied to any of our businesses.

Stepping outside of our offices, our businesses, and our industry can often generate brand new, out-of-the-box insights that our own industries & businesses haven’t yet experienced. And that just might lead to some breakthrough ideas, insights and successes of your own.