Make Time for Yourself


By Stephanie Carrillo, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or goals you have set for yourself at work, take some time in this new year for yourself.

As a single working parent, it has taking me a long time to find the balance between work, family, volunteering at my Son’s boy scout troop, friends, and relationships.   All equally important, but when you’re constantly on the go, something ends up suffering, and you’re not always the best you can be.

In marketing, it’s essential to be creative and strategizing your next move, but creativity drops when you’re tired and burning both ends of the stick.  To balance this, make some goals to work on you.  Working on you can be made up of many different things. But taking time for yourself is essential; have lunch with friends, weekend getaway, a glass of wine and a good book, go to the spa, hike your favorite trail, make a nice dinner. The key is finding something you enjoy where you can relax, reflect on yourself, and rejuvenate your soul.   For me, that is photography and exploring new places.  When I’m out hiking to my destination, I spend much of the time thinking about the things I want to accomplish.

Set some personal goals; this will help you stick to any improvements you would like to make in your life.  It’s also a great time to read some books or take a few classes to rejuvenate your work. Once you start living your best life outside of work, the creativity will begin to flow and you will become energized for the work week ahead.

Happy New Year!