Making Mistakes


Kudos to The Daily Motivator for writing about the value of mistakes.

I wrote last year about learning from our mistakes, but Ralph says it much better:

Mistakes are valuable reminders that you do not know it all. And as such, they provide golden opportunities to learn.

Mistakes are a sure sign that you’re making progress. For when you make mistakes, it means you are putting forth effort and having an influence.

Mistakes are certainly no cause for shame. The greatest achievements require you to work your way through the greatest errors and misunderstandings.

Mistakes are not to be feared. For the same actions that enable you to make a mistake also put you in a position to correct it.

When you’re willing to accept the possibility of mistakes, you’re able to follow the best opportunities. When you become experienced at handling mistakes, you’ll be skilled at creating real value.

Success comes not from avoiding all mistakes, but from learning to find a positive way forward no matter what may happen. With each mistake, get over it, get wisdom from it, and become even more effective than you were before.

— Ralph Marston