Marketing technology: Tech that makes Heinz Marketing tick


After seeing numerous visualizations of marketing technology stacks from companies throughout B2B last year, we wanted to share one of our own.  Below is a simple overview of our key tools broken up by general sales funnel stages.

Like most marketing technology stacks, this is constantly a work in progress.  We are regularly reviewing & evaluating our marketing technology needs based on objectives, utility, results and future needs.

A few comments on format and organization:

  • You’ll note that we have a ton of tools specific to content – creation, management, amplification, etc.  And since our demand generation efforts are so closely tied to content as well, there’s overlap in a few of these categories.
  • Several tools have utility and impact in multiple areas, and in a few cases we have noted that.
  • We debated on whether to have a general workplace productivity section at all (since this is a marketing technology stack, not a full company tech stack), but realized many of the tools in this category are useful not just for managing a small business but for a marketing department, group or team as well.

Another important note – every marketing technology stack is different and unique for a reason.  What works for us might not work for you, and visa versa.

Have any questions?  Think we’re missing something important?  Let us know!

Marketing technology stack for Heinz Marketing

The full inventory, by category:

  • Content Creation
    • Podbean
    • WordPress
    • Adobe Connect
    • Yoast
    • Lulu
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • SurveyMonkey
    • Rev
  • Content Amplification
    • Revive Old Post
    • Triberr
    • SnapApp
    • Slideshare
    • AdRoll
    • Uberflip
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
  • Content Curation
    • Buffer
    • Feedly
  • Social Media Management
    • Little Bird
    • Tweepi
    • SproutSocial
  • Lead Generation
    • SEMRush
    • Marketo
    • On24
    • NetLine
    • Knak
    • AdRoll
    • Zoominfo
    • Litmus
    • Socedo
    • Seamless.AI
  • Lead Management & Nurture
    • Marketo
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    • Siftrock
  • CRM & Sales Management
    • Salesforce
    • Google Analytics
    • Bizible
  • Workplace Productivity
    • Smartsheet
    • Loop & tie
    • SharePoint
    • TinyPulse
    • Lucidchart
    • Dial2Do
    • Upwork
    • Office 365
    • Tripit
    • Slack
    • GoDaddy
    • 101Domain
    • ReadyTalk
    • Docusign
    • Quickbooks
    • TangoCard
    • Paypal