Matt’s first book (yours is next)


Yes, you read right. After being inspired by Seth and Ron, I’m in the process of publishing my first book, a collection of marketing ideas, insights and inspiration from the past year or so.

If you want a sneek peek, here’s the pre-design version.

Below is the book’s introduction, which makes it clear that the next book like this should be yours.

You should have written this book. And you still can.

Every day, each of us has ideas and inspiration based on the world around us. These insights come simply by sitting in meetings, in traffic, or in the Lazy-Boy at home. We see things in our everyday lives that make us think about their past, their future, and their implications.

How we think about these things is impacted significantly by our worldview. Five of us can see the same movie, and come away with very different opinions and reactions – all based on the perceptions and experiences that shaped us up to that point.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those ideas and insights are gone from our conscious almost as soon as they materialized. Yet I’m convinced that if more of us were to write down or otherwise record those insights, and make them available to others, we’d all be far richer as a result.

That’s what this book is about. My hope is that it gives you a new idea or inspiration that you can apply to your life and/or your business.

All I ask in return, is that you do the same. Start writing your book today, by recording your reaction to the world around you. Start small, in whatever format, length and frequency feels right to you.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to being inspired by you in the near future.