Maximize Your Webinar Leads: 15 Best Practices You Can Use Today


Please join us live on May 2, 2013 at 11:30 am Pacific time to hear ideas and new strategies to improve your webinar lead generation and lead scoring, allowing you to maximize the ROI of every online event. Each step in executing a webinar is crucial – we’ll cover all aspects, from landing page priorities to post-event lead follow-up.

Adam Sinnett, a lead generation and webinar pro, will be joining us as a guest speaker to share tips, tricks and stories from the trenches of managing countless events over the years.

We will cover:

  • Pre-event registration optimization
  • Strategies to improve lead generation
  • Effective lead scoring
  • How to increase participation and attendance
  • Tactics for post-event follow-up

You’ll finish this event with tons of new ideas that you’ll want to try right away, and you’ll be ready to immediately accelerate the ROI of your events.  Register today here.