A midyear marketing efficiency and optimization review


Success in the second-half of 2017 requires simultaneously assessing the impact of current-year efforts while precisely projecting what you’ll need across the organization to accelerate success into the third quarter and beyond.

The below Midyear Marketing Efficiency & Optimization Review will help you immediately improve the efficacy of current programs, improve your ability to hit and exceed rest-of-year targets, plus successfully plan, budget for and hit the ground running on greater objectives next year.

This review focuses on eight areas of marketing focus and optimization:

  • Demand Generation
    • Evaluate all channels and the mix of inbound & outbound
    • Are all key buyer phases property mapped and addressed?
    • Where are campaigns currently focused – top, middle and/or bottom of funnel?
    • How do your key metrics compare to industry averages and best-in-class benchmarks (including conversion rates, sales-accepted leads, contribution to opportunity pipeline, marketing contribution to revenue, etc.)?
  • Content Marketing Audit & Assessment
    • Map current content to the buyer’s journey, target personas and ideal format variety
    • Review current messaging frameworks & personas (formal or informal), identify gaps to improve content quality, leverage and impact on pipeline contribution
    • Competitive assessment to ensure differentiation and optimize “blue ocean” opportunities
  • Database Health
    • How well does your current prospect database map to your ideal customer profile?
    • Risk & opportunity analysis – spam traps, duplicates, outdated records, record completeness, gaps in depth or coverage, etc.
    • Where can the database be improved – depth and breadth – and how can that be most efficiently accomplished?
  • Process
    • Lead management from creation to nurture to sales coordination & conversion
    • What systems are in place to support & automate execution?
    • Where is funnel leakage occurring and why?
    • What is the customer experience like to engage and convert?
    • Which new processes can be introduced to improve efficiency, consistency and results?
  • Technology
    • What is the optimal software stack for your marketing organization?
    • Which specific tools, applications and integrations are required both now and over the coming months & quarters?
  • People
    • Which roles are required to execute on the strategy & objectives moving forward?
    • What skill sets do existing staff need to increase success in the coming months?
  • Sales Enablement
    • What processes, rhythms and other collaborations need to be in place to improve lead conversion and sales success?
    • What specific strategies and tactics can be adopted to improve real-time results?
    • What tools, systems and other processes can drive greater velocity, efficiency and conversion of leads & opportunities both short and long-term?
  • Content, Social & Search Execution & Opportunity Assessment
    • What is the optimal mix and collaboration between content, social and search specific to your customer and market opportunity?
    • What resources, tools and processes can be introduced to increase leverage and results from these focus areas?

Good luck!  Let us know if we can help.