MoM Links for August 31, 2007


The Not-To-Do List: Nine habits you probably already have, which you should stop doing NOW to increase your productivity (and reduce your stress level)

“One Time, at Brand Camp…”: Great blog, brilliant cartoons. Worth scanning.

Avoiding Random Visits: Inter-office networking and kibitzing is fine, occasionally, but use this list to minimize the long, lingering visits that will cut into your productivity.

The Gobbledygook Manifesto: Join the movement, and pledge never to use these terms again!

Stand Up to Your Email: Use these tips from experts quoted in the Wall Street Journal to get that inbox under control.

YouTube is Merely A Tactic: Want to incorporate video into your marketing plan? The answer’s not the channel, it’s the content (surprise, surprise)

Finding New Ways to Communicate: Bring a good pen with you when next you visit your favorite singles bar.

The Stories People Talk About: Need a good story angle? Try one of these tried-and-true story lines for your business to get people talking.