MoM Links for June 12, 2007


Better productivity via multiple positives: Sounds geeky, but give this a shot. It makes a lot of sense, and we can all do far more of it. Oh yeah, avoid the multiple negatives too.

12 ways to decompress after a stressful day: Another great set of suggestions from ZenHabits. Even more great suggestions from readers in the “comments” section as well.

What does that office-talk really mean?: Here’s a quick set of translations from Penelope Trunk (with a healthy layer of sarcasm added). An entertaining read.

Tired of the same old blogs?: Pick a new favorite from this list of the industry’s top 150 marketing blogs.

Edit your life: Start with your commitments, and make sure they’re all important. Thanks again to ZenHabits.

PR agencies of the world, unite!: Great work by Paul Holmes describing how PR agencies need to evolve to not just survive, but thrive in a consumer-driven marketing world.

The brand is everything: Doesn’t matter if your marketing and executive suite are united and consistent. If your front-line staff doesn’t live it, you’re screwed.