MoM Links for June 17, 2007


Corporate blogging at its best: Patagonia launched its corporate blog just five months ago, but it’s already one of the best in the business. It’s a clear, engaging reflection of the company’s core values.

Getting Up Early, Part II: Here are 15 more tips for how to get a better start to your day.

15 ways to become a better presenter: Guy does it again with another fantastic contributed post on practical ways to better engage your live audience.

Email Zen: Simple tips for keeping a clean inbox, no matter how much email you get.

Why testimonials do (and don’t) work: Great post explaining why many testimonials backfire, plus tips for how to make your happy customer quotes work even harder.

Do you love your job?: If so, tell people! (it’ll only cost you a dollar…)

A day in the life of a productivity master: Check out how efficient, how effective, and how happy this guy is.

When being predictable is a good thing: Smart advice from that guy.