MoM Links for June 2, 2007


At the intersection of HR and marketing: Business Week is right, it’s cheaper to raise spirits than raise salaries.

KnowFat!: A health-conscious restaurant chain has sprung out of Massachusetts. and is making its way to a street corner near you. Very cool concept, and ripe for organic marketing growth.

Turn your stairs into drawers: This isn’t business-related, but was just plain cool. Talk about creating significant added value out of a commodity!

Why do ATMs have braille keyboards?: Here’s why, with an economics lesson to boot!

The new advertising frontier: It’s not just for anymore. You’re either advertising or sporting, which is it gonna be?

The art of schmoozing: Some very good advice on how best to work the room, courtesy of Susan RoAne (via Guy Kawasaki).

Search for hotels by Wi-Fi availability & speed: Jarvis is right. Someone should create a Google mapping mashup to help us choose where to stay when we travel.