MoM Links for June 5, 2007


Avoiding the Pedigree Pitfall: See, mom, I really didn’t need that MBA!

Think like a child: Paul’s right, we would do ourselves a favor by emulating kindergartners more often. Hat tip to Rob Eastaway’s new book, too.

Buy your buddies a drink online: With coupons redeemable at the local bar, thanks to this enterprising online event-finding community.

Mark Andreessen’s Guide to Personal Productivity: A long post, but some really great advice on how to focus more on what’s important, plus eliminate the typical distractions that keep you from doing so every day.

Harsh but true: Honda cancels a hybrid version of the Accord. Kiley’s right, in today’s environment of heighten environmental awareness and ridiculous fuel prices, there’s no excuse for that kind of failure, and he blames it all on marketing.

Traveling at the speed of blogs: Great recap here of how a disgruntled customer’s story went form personal blog to national, headline news in just three days.