MoM Links for March 20, 2007


Among all of the blogs, newsletters, magazines etc. that I read on a regular basis, my favorite feature is consistently some form of bullet-list that quickly introduces me to a new concept, a new voice on the Web, a new product, a new opinion, or other piece of information I previously didn’t have. These bullet lists are light on description and commentary, making it quick and easy to scan what something is about, and decide for myself if I want to click and learn more.

I can’t commit to delivering a list like this every day, as some successful bloggers do, but I will start collecting “cool stuff” that I don’t have time to fully blog about into lists, and when I get 4-5 onto a list I’ll go ahead and publish.

So here’s the first set of MoM links (short for Matt on Marketing, not my mother – thought she is also a faithful reader – thanks mom!):

Improve Your Webinars: Whether you already do Webinars in your business, or are just thinking about it, this free White Paper from GoToMeeting and Osterman Research is worth checking out. Some good nuggets of information to test!

SketchSwap!: OK, this is a time-waster, but for creative types who can draw (that does not include me), it’s fun.

Personas vs. Profiles: What’s the difference between them? This well-written article puts it into perspective very cleanly.

Turn out the lights!: Among the growing ranks of socially-conscious new companies, one of my favorites is Seattle’s own Verdiem. Save your company money and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time!

World’s Best Presentation Contest: Do you have something worthwhile to enter? There are some bad, bad PowerPoint presentations out there. Will be interesting to see some examples of great ones!