MoM Links for March 27, 2007


Talk really is cheap: This study implies that good relationships and communication with co-workers is more important than compensation.

Mom My Ride: Funny video from Zima, but what’s the brand tie-back? Is Zima a soccer-mom drink now?

Jott 2.0: It was cool enough when I could Jott myself, but Jott others? Out of sight!

Start the Conversation!: Check out DiscussThis, and get your customers talking (while you watch!)

Marketing Blog Bracketology: What happens when you mix March Madness with marketing blogs? This (for better or worse). What could you bracketize?

How does your marketing smell?: Don’t just think about what your brand says and looks like. Involve every emotional and physical sense to communicate your message and brand essence. How does your brand smell and taste? What does it feel like?