MoM Links for March 28, 2007


Happy Hour is 9 to 5: Worth reading through this free online book on how to love your job, love your life, and kick butt at work.

Hit the ground running: Have you ever been this prepared for a job interview? Kinda takes things to a new level…

You know you’re a blogger when…: Check out Brad Inman’s “10 Characteristics of a Good Blogger.” How many describe you?

How’s your G-Cred?: Does Google know who you are? And does it like you?

zefrank on procrastination: Sound at all familiar?

What coffee says about your company: Interesting analysis published recently in the Financial Times. Do you help your employees and team members gather and collaborate, or do you separate them? Is your coffee pot this prophetic?

Chief Forgiveness Officer: That’s what Southwest Airlines just hired. What do you think of his role?