MoM Links for March 29, 2007


SNL is Back: It’s buzzworthy again, and YouTube can prove it. Just check out the viewership metrics for this, this and this, not to mention all the “tribute” copycat videos created by fans.

Email Madness, Baby!: What college basketball can teach us about email marketing (yes, you read that right).

Seven Stations for your Home: Good advice from LifeHack on how to keep your home humming along as efficiently as your office.

Geek to Live: Finally, a Web site that doesn’t promote technology for technology’s sake. Find the right tools that help you get stuff done faster/better/cheaper, then get out and enjoy life!

Going Home: Great article by Web Worker Daily about how to effectively transition from “work mode” to “home mode” each day.

What Should I Say?: Social advice from the masses. Use at your own risk (but it’s sure fun to read!).