MoM Links for May 17, 2007


Ten Ways To Keep Your Memory Strong: Yes, there are carrots involved, but this article from eDiets promotes a comprehensive solution.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Don’t be like the advertiser in this video. Save your consumer marriage!

Finding People Just Got Easier: Thanks to Pipl.

What’s Your Frame of Reference: Is your brand strategy too narrow? Are you differentiating on the right things? Does your brand have room to grow? This post will help.

Read An Entire Book in 15 Minutes: Over 300 great business books, all summarized into 2-4 pages of the most salient points. All available for just $99/year through ExecuBooks.

Table Stakes: World class customer service? Everyone’s doing it (or at least claiming it). How do you differentiate?

Hugg Your News: It’s like Digg, but for environmental stories. Like story? Give it a hugg!