MoM Links for Nov 10, 2008


Small Budget? No Problem: Chad Little offers six great strategies to grow your business without breaking the bank.

Three Marketing Tips for a Down Economy: Smart advice from Chief Marketer, all centered around your current customers.

Reacting vs. Initiating: What percent of your “sent mail” is a reply? How much of your day is spent initiating new ideas and strategies to grow your business? Seth offers a challenge to us all.

A Customer Mantra:
If you posted this prominently in your place of business, would it help your employees be more customer-centric? Better yet, would it help your customers keep you and your team accountable for living up to the promise?

B2B Marketing Goldmine: Thanks to Marketo for pulling together some of the Web’s best B2B marketing tools & resources into one place. Check out the great selection of content here.