MoM Links for Oct 30, 2008


I haven’t done one of these in awhile, but there’s a TON of great content out there worth sharing.

What’s In It For Them?: The Simple Dollar points out why many networking techniques don’t work, largely because there’s not enough value for the other guy. They then provide ten ways to improve reciprocal relationship-building in your professional network.

Give Them a Microphone: Ten simple ways to super-charge your email marketing with proven word-of-mouth strategies (thanks, Andy)

Make Yourself Smarter: Learn how other smart people got and stay that way.

Finding (and using) 120 More Minutes A Day: Seth outlines a great plan for what could happen if you carve out more time for yourself, and use it well.

2008 Top of the Funnel List: Here’s a fantastic collection of B2B sales & marketing resources pulled together by the Funnelholic.