Most new ideas sound like bad ideas (at least at first)


bad_20ideas_originalSimple but important point to keep in mind.

New ideas, by definition, sound like bad ideas. If they sounded like good ideas, someone would have already thought of it and done it.

But they didn’t. Why? Because they were focused on what was line of sight, what made sense to their existing world, what was well inside the box.

Or, they ventured out of that box, brought up the new idea, and were shouted down by those who knew for sure it was a bad idea. Lacking confidence in their new idea, they gave up and went back to focusing on existing, well-understood ideas.

New ideas almost always sound like bad ideas at first. Crazy ideas. Outrageously foolish ideas.

Until someone has the vision or foresight or stubbornness or confidence to move forward anyway.

Some new ideas really are bad ideas. But others are great ideas just waiting to be proven.