My Must-Attend Sessions at Eloqua Experience 2013


EE13By Brian Hansford, director and marketing automation practice lead for Heinz Marketing

These are the sessions at Eloqua Experience 2013 that I MUST ATTEND.  I’ve have followed or known several of these people for quite some time and I am really excited to see what they will share at EE13.

Most of what I focus on and my interests lie in strategy, process, analytics, content, and data health.  So here it goes, Brian’s Must Attend Sessions for Eloqua Experience 2013.

Engagement: Spin A Story That Stands Above The Noise
Ardath Albee, CEO, Marketing Interactions, Inc.
11:00-12:00 Thursday October 24
I have followed Ardath for several years and I greatly respect and admire her ideas.  She’s in an elite class in understanding how to develop and deliver content to engage with a B2B markets.

Analytics: Don’t Just Score Leads – Predict Your Next Customer 
Brian Kardon, CMO, Lattice Engines, Jascha Kaykas-Wolf, CMO, Mindjet, Abner Germanow, Director of Worldwide Marketing, Juniper Networks
1:30 – 2:30 PM Thursday October 24
I have followed Brian Kardon since he was the CMO of Eloqua and I respect his strategic vision and how he looks at Revenue Marketing.  I know Mindjet is a leading user of Eloqua and I’m very interested to hear the story, along with Juniper Networks, how they use analytics to predict the next customer.

Marketing Technology: Eloqua In The Fast Lane: Tools To Enhance Your Automation Efficiency
Ryan Schwartz, Director, Marketing Systems & Operations, DocuSign
3:30 – 4:30 PM Thursday October 24
In my book, Ryan Schwartz is the World’s Top Eloquan.  Period. He knows the system better than anyone I know and he has driven a phenomenal revenue marketing operation at DocuSign. Not only that, Ryan is just a darned nice guy and he loves to listen and share ideas on using Eloqua.  I’m especially excited for Ryan’s session because he’s presenting new tools he and his team have developed that the entire Eloqua Community will be able to use.

Targeting: The Power of a Data Washing Machine in Lead Creation
Amandah Magnarelli, Director, Database Marketing, Forrester Research, Inc.
9:45 – 10:45 AM Friday October 25
Forrester has been a long-time Eloqua user and Amandah’s presentation on the Data Washing Machine fits perfectly with my focus on data hygiene.

Analytics: Optimizing The Demand Waterfall With Predictive Scoring, Analytics, And Eloqua Magic
Wade Tibke, Director, Demand Gen & Operations, Tableau Software
11:00-12:00 Friday October 25
Wade is another amazing Eloquan and he runs the marketing ops for Tableau.  Tableau is a fantastic company with very strong marketing efforts.  I’m very interested to see Wade’s presentation on how Tableau grew and tracked SQL’s year over year.

Engagement: Customer Marketing: B2B’s Best-Kept Growth Secret
Megan Heuer, SiriusDecisions
2:30-3:30 Friday October 25
Megan is another person I have followed for a long time and have yet to see speak in person.  B2B marketers are notorious at forgetting about the customer once the sale is closed.  Customer engagement is a huge opportunity for B2B marketers to grow loyalty and revenue.  I’m sure will have some interesting ideas.

I’m also looking forward to Wednesday before the event to get some updated Eloqua information and training. Here are the Wednesday sessions I’m interested in:

Advanced Salesforce.Com Integration Demonstrations
Nathan Lichte, Oracle | Eloqua
Wednesday 8:30-10:00

Improved Custom Subscription Management
Tracy Traeger, Oracle | Eloqua
Wednesday 10:15 – 11:45

Best Practices: Introducing Eloqua To Your Sales Team
Alison Thomas, Oracle | Eloqua
Wednesday 1:00 – 2:30

What sessions are you most excited about attending at Eloqua Experience 2013?