My three words for 2017


Years ago I saw Chris Brogan do this for the first time, and he continues to publish them every year.  I haven’t been nearly as consistent, as rely more on our company’s strategic planning process and quarterly objectives to drive my work focus.

But what I like about Chris’s approach is how it encompasses personal and professional.  Here are my three words for 2017:

This could be up here every year, not only because it’s so important but because it’s far easier said than done.  As we take on new initiatives for Heinz Marketing and as I try to establish new habits in my personal life as well, focus is key.  Not just on goals but on process.  Not just on outcomes but on habits.

What I focus on may change, shift, adjust as the year goes on.  But agility on tactics doesn’t mean focus goes away.  I may focus on different things, but I need to ensure daily I’m focused on the right things.

Thankfully I’ve been able to push through fear at several key moments of my life.  I’ve said many times that if I had waited until I was “ready”, I never would have gotten married, had kids or start a business.  There’s fear of the unknown, the uncertain, in each of these.

In 2017, we’re pushing to do some things in the business we haven’t done before.  These are incredibly exciting, but also a bit scary.  There are goals in my personal life that sound great on paper, but when faced with actions to implement them, fear rears its ugly head.

Fear is on this list not because I seek to eliminate it.  To a certain extent, fear drives motivation.  It drives action.  In 2017 I want to manage fear, use it to my advantage, put it in its place when needed (which is most of the time).  Just like there’s good fat and bad fat, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, I believe there’s good fear and bad fear.  Here’s to knowing the different and treating each accordingly.

In 2016 I exceeded 100,000 air miles.  Too often I worked evenings and weekends when my family, especially my young children, wanted and needed my time and attention.  That changes this year.  Travel isn’t going away, but it can be managed better.  My fear of missing out can be managed so that I can focus more quality time with my kids when I’m present – mornings, evenings, weekends.

We have numerous additional family goals for 2017 I won’t get into here, and my family has always been a top priority.  But for some reason this year, I feel the clock ticking louder.  My kids are quickly getting older.  My wife is my best friend.  I relish time with all of them and want more of it.  For this, in 2017, I will be entirely more selfish.

I’d love to hear what yours would be as well, in the comments below.