Our new uncomplicated guide to GDPR


It’s become impossible to avoid references to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) these past few weeks.  Every vendor and their mothers are publishing guides and resources to help you understand and prepare for the most significant digital outbound marketing restrictions our industry has ever seen.

So of course, we published one too, but with one big difference from the rest.  While GDPR does indeed include some tricky details, we still need it translated into plain English that non-lawyers can understand.

So we partnered with our friends at Splash to produce this guide.  It’s written with a focus on event marketers but frankly the advice and interpretation of the GDPR guidelines are the same for all marketing functions and campaigns.

I also wrote a guest post for Splash highlighting why GDPR isn’t just a requirement – it’s an opportunity to significantly improve the quality, impact and success of our marketing.

Get your copy of our Uncomplicated Guide to GDPR here.