Perfect is the enemy of good


You can spend a long, long time getting something just right.

You can also embarrass yourself and your company if you launch something that isn’t ready at all, has basic mistakes, or just plain doesn’t work.

But there’s a lot of room in the middle.

It’s easy to say something like “perfect is the enemy of good”, but it’s another thing entirely to execute on it. You’ll always be able to make a few extra edits, get feedback from just a couple more people, get those extra couple features in before the release.

It’s hard to know when enough is enough. It’s hard to see the point of diminishing returns when you’re really close to something.

But most of the time, the point at which you’re ready to launch (whatever it is you’re working on) is earlier than you think, earlier than when you finally let it go.

You’re going to be wrong sometimes. But you’re not going to get many hits if you don’t increase your at-bats, not to mention swing at a few first pitches.