Present it for the first time, every time


I know you’ve given the pitch a thousand times before.  I know you’ve shared the same customer scenarios, the same case studies, the same value propositions countless times.

But for the prospect in front of you (or on the phone, or on the Webinar), it’s their first time hearing it from you.  They have a problem, or a need, or an obstacle they’re looking to overcome.  You might just be the solution that delivers the outcome and/or success they so desperately seek and need.

They deserve everything you’ve got.  Your ability to reach that prospect is not just in the words you use and visuals you present, but in the way you present it. 

If you’re presenting in person, it’s everything about you – body language, energy, facial expressions, even your breathing.  If you’re on the phone, prospects can still tell when you care and when you don’t.  They can tell when you’re excited and when you’re just going through the script one more time.

This holds true whether you’re doing complex B2B sales or working in retail.  It’s true for spokespeople on a media tour, and company executives on a pre-IPO investor road show.

Think about the last time you went to the theater or a concert.  More often than not, you’re seeing those performers give it their all, performing as if it’s opening night.  And you can also tell, every once in a while, when they’re just playing through the set list.

It’s not easy, it takes focus and discipline, but it’s a best practice of successful people everywhere.