Questions to ask on the last selling day of the month


It’s the last sales day of the month, which means staying focused on getting those last deals across the finish line. But with a new month and fresh start just ahead, here are several questions worth asking yourself (and your team) to ensure even greater focus, results and success ahead.

  • Are you satisfied with your results this month?
  • What was the most important factor in your success?
  • If you could start the month again, what would you do differently?
  • What one thing has kept you from having a better month?
  • What will you do differently next month to ensure greater success?
  • What tools do you need from others (managers, marketing, etc.) to be more successful?
  • What specific, tactical commitments can you make today, and hold yourself accountable for each day next month, to be more successful?
  • It’s the last selling day of next month. Looking back, what will be the key factors that led to your success?