Quick tactic to engage webinar registrants beforehand (and increase attendance rates too)


Love this message received from Bulldog Solutions earlier this week for their upcoming event: “Expert Roundtable: Solutions to the Top Challenges Facing Marketing Leaders.” I had already registered, but received the following follow-up email:


We’re looking forward to your participation in our upcoming webinar, “Expert Roundtable: Solutions to the Top Challenges Facing Marketing Leaders.”

Before the event on March 20, please take a moment to reply to this email with specific questions related to the content of the webinar. The speakers will try to answer as many questions as they can during the webinar. In fact, your questions will help shape the event content.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you find the webinar valuable.

Best regards,

Bill Golder
Chief Revenue Officer
Bulldog Solutions

Clearly it would be weird and borderline inappropriate for sales to contact webinar registrants as leads prior to the event, but this is a brilliant tactic to initiate engagement early. Those who submit questions are more likely to actually attend (so they can see their question addressed & answered), plus they feel more engaged in the event itself as they feel like their input will customize the value they receive.

Plus, those questions they submit? Those are buying signals. They likely represent questions to problems or challenges they’re facing internally right now, which should give you (and your sales team) valuable clues as to how to engage with them after the event.

Smart stuff, guys.