Recruiters are marketers, too


Kudos to the folks at Red5 for this unbelievably creative recruiting effort. It cost a little money, but was incredibly remarkable and buzzworthy. I’m sure they counted not only on an extremely high response rate from primary recipients, but also significant word-of-mouth by those recipients telling their friends, then others (like me, and now you) reading about this elsewhere.

The best recruiters know that they are really marketers at heart. They’re marketing the grass on the other side, and helping to paint a picture for possible recruits of how life will be better at their new job.

Good recruiters don’t just share job descriptions and discuss education requirements. They tell stories about what life is like at the destination company, and how recruits will live better, more complete lives at the next stage of their career.

The best recruiters don’t just post jobs on Monster, or HotJobs, or Jobster. They find the best candidates, wherever they are (they’re rarely in the market), and go after them. when you’re that focused, you can afford to spend the time, energy and money on creativity like this.