Renewing your objectives


We’re more than three months into 2006, and I’m behind on several new year’s resolutions. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on them. That would be too easy.

At the beginning of this year I set a goal of getting back into half-marathon shape, with three races in mind throughout the year. I set a goal (good thing) but didn’t create a plan to achieve it (bad thing).

Then a few weeks ago I created a plan. I was eight weeks out from the first scheduled half-marathon, and created a plan (with some help from Runner’s World) to get into shape and achieve my goal.

Even in the last couple weeks, I haven’t followed the plan to a tee. But I’ve started to catch up again, thanks to the plan.

If you have goals for 2006, in your life or in your business, there’s no shame in renewing and even adjusting those goals so that they feel attainable today. With more than 25% of the year gone, it can be quite intimidating to look at goals for which you’re well behind.

But take a few minutes today to think about how those goals can be adjusted, starting today, to still reach success. Set your completion date back a bit if necessary, but give yourself the new start and kick-start necessary to get back on track.

Because that’s the difference between success and failure. When successful people fall behind, they adjust and keep moving. When they’ve signed up for too much, and fall behind on certain goals, they reprioritize and keep moving.

Give yourself a reason to keep moving. Give yourself a reason to be excited again. Give yourself the chance to be successful.