Revenue goals for B2B marketers = bigger paychecks (new research w @calibermind)


Last week together with Calibermind we released our 2nd annual State of Revenue Marketing and Compensation Report.  This year we were able to see some year-over-year trends as well as include specific insights into how demand marketers are paid (based on role as well as compared to non-pipeline contributing peers).

Some highlights from the research include:

  • Respondents who categorized themselves as “revenue marketers” jumped 36 percent from last year, while “lead marketers” declined 15 percent in the same time
  • Marketers without pipeline/revenue goals were 1.5X more likely to make less than $100,000 per year
  • In organizations where marketing is accountable for revenue contribution, 65 percent of marketers have some portion of their comp tied specifically to pipeline and revenue achievement
  • Four in ten marketers still cannot measure marketing’s return on investment

This free report is worth the download and scan.  Where does your marketing organization compare?  How does your compensation plan compare, and where are the gaps that can help accelerate your career, impact and success.

Get your free copy here.