Set your 2009 resolutions NOW


If you wait until January 1 to set your New Year’s Resolutions, you’re already behind.

Setting, and keeping, resolutions is more than just making a list. It’s more than making a commitment. It typically requires tools and resources to get started, and keep you on track.

Let’s say you want to get in shape in 2009, and you’ve set a measurable goal to know when you’re successful. How are you going to do it? Running, lifting weights, eating less, or a combination of these and other tactics? If you want to lift weights, where will you do it? Do you have the right equipment and/or gym membership to get started?

Once you get the tools in line, it’s later in January and you’re already behind. And your chances of drifting away from those resolutions increases.

Same for business and professional goals. If you set them in January, you’re already behind and could have a hard time catching up.

But if you think about them and set them up now, you have at least three weeks to get ready. Three weeks to get the right tools and resources in place, three weeks to think about additional creative strategies for achieving those resolutions and goals.

Don’t wait until after the champagne toast this year to set your goals. Set them now, spend time getting your tools in place, and start January 1 on the right track.