Six questions to ponder over the holiday weekend


You’ve worked hard this year, and you deserve four days with your family (and/or with friends, food and football).  Take the time to sleep in, eat too much, re-connect with the people you care about most.

I’m going to try to stay away from my computer as much as possible for a couple days, but have set up a few “study” questions to think about while “offline”.  I find that having certain topics for brainstorming or creative thinking, in a format well outside of my typical digital tethers, often allows me to come up with ideas more quickly and effectively than when in a typical, work-related situation or circumstance.

Below are the questions I’ll be thinking about.  If you have similar or related questions that are relevant to you and your job/company/career, write them down at the top of 3×5 cards or print them at the top of letter-size pages.  Carry them with you along with a pen or pencil.  Even if you typically do this via Evernote or an electronic note-taking device, do it this weekend in a decidedly “old school” format that separates you from slippery slopes of distraction and temptation.

That way you have room to write and brainstorm, then eventually (next Monday) transfer them to digital format and other operational means to move things forward.

  1. What can I do differently in December to set up a successful start to 2015?
  2. What habits do I want to begin or reinforce over the next 3-4 weeks that will help me create a head start into the New Year?
  3. What 1-2 projects will I commit to starting and/or completing before the end of December?
  4. What specifically am I going to do in December to recharge mind, body and spirit before 2015 begins?
  5. Which habits, focus areas or time/productivity drains do I want to eliminate from my life and/or schedule before 2015 begins?
  6. What tools, companies, partners or people do I need to be successful in Q1, and how do I get them aligned with my goals before December ends?